The Store During the Lock Down

Hi all,

I hope you've all been keeping well and safe over the last few weeks. Below I've given a bit of an update in terms of the new projects I'm working on as well as where the store is as it stands. Also I want to say a huge thank you to all who have supported the store since closing a few weeks ago. The level of support via products purchased/pre-ordered as well as Friday events has been truly amazing, so thank you! It goes a long way to keeping things going and building towards a stronger position in the future.

As most know, the store is currently closed until government measures are relaxed. This also means that I'm unable to process any orders involving the stock in the store (I'm not travelling into the store currently). I do have a reasonable level of stock at home with me and I'll do my best to process as much of any orders as I can. Some of it is listed online, further details of that below. Also if you want me to check anything out, then you can leave me with a list for when I can next make it in to the store.

I've been getting a lot of work done behind the scenes on catching up with various bits and pieces that need doing. You'll see improvements in credit, boosters, prize tickets and anything else that requires tracking over the coming weeks, ready for when the store opens up again. Additionally I'll have a schedule of events ready to go when that becomes a possibility. Whilst we still aren't closer to knowing when events return, I do want to be the most prepared to hit the ground running once things start heading in the right direction. Expect the Store Series to be updated and week night schedules ready to go.

New Additions Online

We have made a lot of improvements on the website. We now have shipping costs on the website to anywhere in the UK. We've added pre-order options for both Ikoria and Commander 2020, when it is released and we've got Theros Beyond Death up on the website too. All of these can be found in the store section here. We're working on what the plan is for Ikoria singles and should have an update in the near future.

Additionally I've begun listing a huge range of our older cards and foil stock over on Liliana Market. It's a fantastic platform and we're looking forward to using it a lot more in the coming weeks. We're in the very early stages of getting everything listed, so you can expect a lot more to come. We'll regularly post updates on when these will be made available. Currently we have around 1200 cards on there including a vast majority of our sought after foils. You can expect at least 10,000 more foils, promos and older cards to be listed in the near future. The site is easy to use and easy to purchase from, so if you're looking to upgrade anything, then go check out our starting collection here:

We've been running FNM every week so far over on our Discord channel with the help of the MTG Companion app. We expect to have this continue every Friday going forward and you can earn Ikoria boosters ready for when it's released in May! It's been great to catch up with both current players and a few past faces every Friday. I'm aiming to branch out into other formats on a Friday night having spent the first few weeks getting used to shifting online. Don't hesitate to come and get involved, it would be great to see more friendly faces even if it's to just come and hang out in the Discord channel. Future schedule can be found in the next few days.

If you want to keep up to date with things during this time, then the best places to find us are Facebook, Twitter and Discord. Additionally you can sign up for the newsletter on the front page (we'll start sending these out soon). The links below will take you through to our pages on each:

rsz_twitter_logo_whiteonbluepng        rsz_discord-logo-blackpng        rsz_f_logo_rgb-blue_144png

In the meantime don't hesitate to contact us with any gaming supplies you may need. Things may take a little longer than normal, but I will do my best to get hold of items that you're after or singles to complete the decks you've been working on. We will endeavour to do our best in getting cards to you, offering pre-orders on products being released and keeping the community going online with our FNM Hangout on a Friday Night. This also extends beyond Magic, whilst Magic is a big part of our business we had recently started branching out and we don't expect to stop offering up Dragonball Super, D&D or Pokemon TCG.

Thanks for your support during this time. I hope you all keep safe, well and keep the gaming going,

Nick Taylor