About Us - The Store

Xtreme Trades has existed since 2006, starting off small selling Magic card singles online. A few years later, having run some local events,  we opened our first store to run events in store, branching out into board gaming and the World of Warcraft TCG. Over the years we have run all sorts of events from 100+ player prereleases to Pro Tour Qualifiers, including a record 409 player Pro Tour Qualifier in 2014. 

We've recently closed the store for the time being due to COVID-19. We hope to reopen again in the future, but with events being our passion we've decided it's better to keep the risks low. 

About Us - The Owner

Nick has played Magic for over 20 years and has a vast array of experiences when it comes to the game. His first experience of Magic was right around the time when Ice Age came out, cracking open a Polar Kraken from one of his first boosters. 

After years of casual play, the Mercadian Masques prereleases rolled around and it was time for him to dip his feet into Magic tournament play. 2003 brought about the first Pro Tour qualification playing in Pro Tour Venice, not much came of it, but the competitive Magic bug had hit and for the next 10 years he was a PTQ/GP regular with multiple Pro Tour qualifications and a World Championship attendance.

Once the store came around, building a community became the focus, but there was time for a Grand Prix top 8 in London shortly after opening the store. Soon after that it was time to build a community in the store and since then his primary focus has been to help others either get into the game or experience competitive Magic on the World stage.



2003 Pro Tour Venice
2005 Pro Tour London
2006 Pro Tour Charleston
2006 Pro Tour Kobe
2011 Pro Tour Philadelphia


2004 Grand Prix Birmingham (88th)

2011 Grand Prix London (8th)
2015 Grand Prix Madrid (66th)


2003 Scottish Nationals (Top 8)

2003 European Championships London
2005 Scottish Nationals (Top 8)
2005 World Championships Yokohama