The Prize Wall Returns & Update to Weeknight Magic!

It's October, there's a brand new set out and the Prize Wall returns to Xtreme Trades! That's right, every Wednesday evening and Friday evening we'll be offering up Prize Wall tickets as prizes for our Magic events. This means that there will be more options than just boosters to use your winnings on. So whether you're looking to bling out your Commander deck, upgrade your Modern deck, pick up a few Standard singles or are just looking for some accessories, then there should be something for you!

Prize Wall tickets will be distributed based on the number of points you accumulate in the event each night. Tickets can be saved up over multiple events, so there's no need to spend them straight away. This is a trial run for the return of the Prize Wall and as such this will run through to 31st December. Any tickets must be used by this date. Once we hit the new year we fully expect a new Prize Wall to come into being, but this gives a short review period just in case things need a little tweak here or there.

Prize Wall tickets will be distributed as follows for each event (for context, a booster will be 300 tickets):


One problem in the past is that we've made sure the prizes don't change in terms of number of tickets required. In the current climate, with card prices changing on a regular basis, you may find that some cards in the prize wall may fluctuate in tickets required from week to week. However, boosters, sealed product and accessories will remain constant throughout.

Finally with product prices going up recently, our entry fees have been reviewed. As stated in the graphic above, constructed events will now be £7.50 per night and drafts £16 (or £7 plus 3 boosters). These prices will come into effect on Friday 11th October meaning FNM on 4th October will be £15 and WNM on 9th October will be £6. Additionally WNM will continue to start at 7:30pm with Fridays starting at 7:40pm.

Thanks as always for your continued support,

Nick Taylor