Pioneer Store Series Outlined

Below I'll be digging deeper into what the Pioneer Store Series (PSS) is, how to qualify for the Final and how the Final works. At the end of the year we'll crown both a Player of the Year and a Store Champion. We're very excited to get our Store Series going again and we hope you like what we have in store.

What is the Pioneer Store Series?

The store series consists of 8 Pioneer events throughout the year where each winner will qualify for the PSS Final event at the end of the year. Each player will score points towards the PSS Leaderboard (more details below). Each event in the run up to the Final will be Pioneer and have swiss pairings with a cut to top 2/4/8. Prizes for each event will be as outline below in the prizes section.

What is the PSS Final?

At the end of the year we'll take the 8 PSS event winners and the 2 highest unqualified players from the leaderboard to form a 10 player Final.

We'll draw players into two groups of 5 players where each player will play each other once. After 5 rounds the top 2 players of each group will make it to the playoff where the top finisher from each group will play second place in the other group. In the event of ties in group standings we'll look at head-to-head records to progress players. The top 4 playoff will be double elimination with the winner at the end of the swiss being crowned the Pioneer Store Champion!


What is the PSS Leaderboard?

We'll be running a Leaderboard alongside the PSS where the overall point scorer will be crowned Pioneer Store Series Player of the Year! The Player of the Year will receive both a trophy and £100 store credit!

Players will score PSS points based on their points earned in the swiss as well as 2 additional points per win in the playoff of each tournament. So if you scored 9 points in the swiss and lost in the semi finals, then you would score 9 PSS points for the swiss and 2 additional PSS points for the quarter final win totalling 11 PSS points.

What is the prize structure for the event?

Each PSS event will have the prize structure as outlined below.


Both the Pioneer Store Champion and the Pioneer Store Series Player of the Year will receive trophies at the end of the year! Each Final competitor will also receive a goody bag (contents TBC) and playoff players will receive the prizes outlined below.


The first event details and pre-registration can be found here 

We hope you enjoy the return of the Store Series and look forward to seeing you battling in store!