Friday Night Hangout: MTGO Pauper Entry


Event Details

Date: Friday 22nd May
Start Time: 7:30pm
Rounds: 3
Format: MTGO Pauper

Prize Structure:

1 physical Ikoria booster per match win
3-0 earns you a promo pack and additional Ikoria booster

We'll total these up and ship them out upon release of Ikoria in May. If you live in the UK this will be free of charge. If you live outside of the UK, drop us a line and we'll arrange an alternative option.

What are our Friday Night Hangout Goals?

We want to do something to keep everyone battling, interacting and essentially hanging out on a Friday night. Our Friday Night Hangouts will be in our "virtual store" over on Discord (you can find the link below). If you want to chill, cube draft on MTGO, talk deck building or anything gaming related, then grab a drink, some snacks and come hang out from 7pm! We'll have an Arena tournament at 19:30 too, just like FNM! The tournament goes a long way to supporting the store during this period, so if you fancy some battling then we hope you can join us. This is very much a community project and we aim to keep this going every Friday for the foreseeable future.

If you've not been to the store for a while, can't always get there or moved away, you're of course more than welcome. This could all blossom into something bigger to keep everyone in touch and we'd love to hear from you even if it's just a quick "Hi" in Discord, Twitter, Facebook or on Twitch.

We hope this is something you'll enjoy and if there's anything you think will add to it, then don't hesitate to get in touch. It's a community project and I think we can go a long way in offering up something whilst there is nothing in store. There may not be a Twitch stream the first week, but we hope to have something up and running by week two once I've worked out the capabilities of my computer(s)!

Discord channel found here:
Facebook Magic Group:
Twitch Channel:

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